Environmental light shown to affect retention of traumatic long-term memory in flies Tokyo, Japan – Scientists from Tokyo Metropolitan University have discovered that Drosophila flies lose long-term memory (LTM) of a traumatic event when kept in the dark, the first confirmation of environmental light playing a role in LTM maintenance. The teamRead More →

suelo biodiversidad estudio

A study published in the prestigious journal Nature Ecology and Evolution and led by researchers from the Laboratory of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning at Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO) provides novel evidence that multiple elements of soil biodiversity are fundamental for maintaining the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems across global biomes A gramRead More →

sneeze coronavirus virus china pandemic

Emerging viral infections—from bird flu to Ebola to Zika infections—pose major threats to global public health, and understanding their origins can help investigators design defensive strategies against future outbreaks. A new study provides important insights on the potential origins of the most recent outbreak of viral pneumonia in China, whichRead More →