6 weeks pregnant Symptoms, ultrasound and baby growth

7 weeks pregnant | Symptoms, ultrasound and baby growth

Congratulations, you are 7 weeks pregnant! At this stage, your baby’s brain is developing rapidly and his/her eyes, nose, mouth, and ears are taking shape. In addition, most of those early pregnancy symptoms have set in. So, be prepared for a possible increase in nausea, fatigue and heartburn.

How Many Months is 7 weeks pregnant?

There are 40 weeks in a pregnancy, starting from the first day of your last menstrual period. If you are 7 weeks pregnant, you are in month 2 of your pregnancy. Only 7 months more to go!

If you have more questions and want to know more about weeks, trimesters, months and due date during pregnancy you can visit our post about how to calculate pregnancy.

Your baby at 7 weeks of pregnancy

At week 7 of your pregnancy, your baby is continuing to grow at a remarkable pace. However, to make space for his/her developing brain, the head is growing faster than the rest of their body. Actually, brain cells are generated at the rate of 100 per minute. Importantly, your baby now has kidneys that are ready to start work, as pretty soon he or she will start producing urine.

At week 7, your baby (still an embryo), is around 10mm long from head to bottom, which is about the size of a blueberry. In just 7 weeks, your baby is 10,000 times bigger than he or she was at the moment of conception.

This week, your baby’s arms are lengthening, and his shoulders, upper arms and forearms are becoming clearer. However, the little limbs will still look like paddles more than hands and feet, as fingers and toes will be webbed. In addition, the mouth, tongue, tooth buds will also develop this week and dark spots mark the areas where her eyes and nostrils will be.

What can you see on a 7 week ultrasound?

If you have an ultrasound during this week of the first trimester, you can see that your little is developing in a bubble filled with amniotic fluid within the gestational sac. Some internal organs also start developing at this stage and can be visible sometimes in an ultrasound.

However, the highlight and most important feature of this scan is the presence of your baby’s heartbeat.

Your body at 7 weeks pregnant

Although you may be feeling the full effects of being pregnant, your pregnancy bump won’t be showing yet, because your womb still hasn’t risen. Although you are not big enough for maternity clothes at this point, you might want to start shopping for the future.

7 weeks buy maternity clothes Symptoms, ultrasound and baby growth

At this stage of pregnancy, you may begin to experience physical symptoms such as:

  • Swollen breast
  • Morning sickness
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Heartburn
  • Need to urinate more often
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings

Morning sickness may be particularly bothersome around this month, but it usually stops by around week 12. However, it is good to remember that some women don’t feel much different during pregnancy and don’t experience any significant symptom.

What are the chances of miscarriage at 7 weeks?

It has been described that once a pregnancy gets past 7 weeks and has a heartbeat, the risk of having a miscarriage drops to around 10%. Remember that miscarriage affects one in every four women and the highest risk period is between 4 and 6 weeks

Can I find out the baby’s gender at week 7 of pregnancy?

Although your baby’s gender is determined at the moment of fertilization, you won’t know if you are having a baby boy or girl at week 7 of pregnancy and you will have to wait until your week 20 ultrasound.

Find out what to expect next week or any other week!

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