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3 weeks pregnant – symptoms, ultrasound and baby growth

The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived. During week 3 of pregnancy, the fertilized egg is working its way from the fallopian tubes towards your uterus as, as described during week 2, a lucky sperm fertilized an egg last week.

However, it is so early you may have no idea that you are actually pregnant as there probably hasn’t been time for you to miss a period.

How Many Months is 3 weeks pregnant?

There are 40 weeks in a pregnancy, starting from the first day of your last menstrual period. If you are 3 weeks pregnant, you are in month 1 of your pregnancy. Only 8 months more to go!

If you have more questions and want to know more about weeks, trimesters, months and due date during pregnancy you can visit our post about how to calculate pregnancy.

Your baby at 3 weeks pregnant

For the first 8 weeks of pregnancy your baby will be known as an embryo. During the week 3 of pregnancy and within hours after conception, the egg divides into two cells, then four, and so on, until the growing cluster comprises around 100 cells. In addition it takes around three days for the fertilized egg to reach the uterus where it will attach itself to the lining of your womb. Probably the most important trip in your baby-to-be life.

Some of the cells on the surface will later develop into the placenta, while the small cluster of inner cells will grow into your baby.

Your body at 3 weeks pregnant

Most women begin to feel symptoms around the week 5 or 6 of pregnancy. However, you may start feeling that something is different in your body, including very early physical symptoms:

  • Changes in your breast, including soreness and discomfort
  • You may develop cravings for some foods
  • Notice that your favourite foods and drinks are suddenly unappetising
  • You may feel exhausted and weepy
  • Mood swings

However, although you may feel pregnant, it is unlikely you will get a clear result from a pregnancy test at this stage. There are home pregnancy tests that claim to detect a pregnancy 6 days before your period is due, but your human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (better known as hCG) levels may not be high enough to give a positive result.

In addition, some of the previously described pregnancy symptoms, such as tender breasts and moodiness, are similar to what you would feel just before your period.

At this early stage, the clearest sign that you are pregnant is a missed period and it will not happen until the end of next week.

Can I find out the baby’s gender at week 3 of pregnancy?

Although your baby’s gender is determined at the moment of fertilization, you won’t know if you are having a baby boy or girl at week 3 of pregnancy and you will have to wait until your week 20 ultrasound.

Find out what to expect next week or any other week!

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